For The Car Enthusiast.

For The Car Enthusiast.

Great news – I’ve finally finished my e-book “So You Wanna Flip Cars??? The Dealers Rough Guide to Auto Auctions,” an e-book for people interested in making decent cash from buying and selling cars at auto auctions. We’re talking anywhere from $200 on the low end, to $1000+ on the high end – off one automobile. A niche market, but one for the taking.

I made this e-book to give you the “street smarts” of auction buying, including info from an inside view, meaning it covers things that you won’t be able to find out through your normal, formal training. You can check out a few sample pages by clicking here, or click on “Rego and E-Commerce,” at the upper left side of this page. I know you guys (and girls) will like it.

To the entrepreneur in all of us,

– Rego

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